About The Uncasual Christian

My name is Jite and for me, this blog is a devotion and reminder to myself and to anyone who by the Grace of God, happens to read not to take Grace for granted. Although I grew up Christian, I spent most of my life as what I would call a “casual Christian.” Yes, I believed in God, but it didn’t show up in my thoughts, words or behavior. I had friends who told me they didn’t even realize I was Christian.

In 2012, I went through a major health challenge that made me re-evaluate my life and my faith. Making it through that challenge, I knew I wanted to start afresh with God. I shaved my head (somewhat unrelated) and decided to dedicate my life to living intentionally in Christ. I no longer take Him for granted or take my faith for granted.  I am a work in progress. 

Everyday I check into God’s Word and many days He speaks to my often weak and doubting heart and enriches my soul with His love and strength. I used to write notes to myself so I could refer to these nuggets of blessings but then I also loved in fear that my notes would get lost somehow. Indeed, I no longer have them all. 

In New Year 2014, God laid it on my heart to share His messages to me with others. Not only would this be a way to hold on to His Word, but being a super shy introvert, maybe it would be a way to share the messages I found so helpful with other people as God calls us to do in His Word. I started by emailing my family semi-regularly but then eventually was inspired to set up this blog.

If only one other person reads something on here and is blessed with something here then  I am happy. That is my purpose. 

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